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The Biz Connection

Aug 27, 2017

Our guest is Joe Fazio, CEO of Commerce State Bank.

Joe discusses his career in banking and also shares several fascinating insights from his new book "How Does Money Work?"


Aug 21, 2017

Our guest is Dione Gisch of Novo Counseling.

Dione discusses her experiences counseling entrepreneurs as they strive to reach their goals in the ever-challenging world of business. She also relates the time she has spent serving young adult, adult and senior members of the community, including nursing home residents,...

Aug 13, 2017

Our guests are John Schlick and Matthias Bollmus of Napkin Innovations and Switch ID.

John and Matthias discuss how they formed Napkin Innovations, a company which invents, designs and markets unique consumer-focused products​. They also reveal details of their new...

Aug 7, 2017

Our guest is Sharon Glembocki of Integrative Hypnosis LLC.

Sharon discusses her diverse professional background in nursing and fitness training and what led her to start her own hypnotherapy and life coaching business. She also shares how she uses hypnotherapy and life coaching strategies to...