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The Biz Connection

Mar 26, 2017

Our guest is Robert Schlemm of the consulting company How Did We Serve You?

Robert shares how he received help from SCORE mentors to launch his own specialty consulting business.

Mar 19, 2017

Our guest is Mitch Stephen, author of "My Life and 1,000 Houses." Mitch reveals how he became a self-taught real estate entrepreneur. He also shares how he has come to specialize in providing owner financing properties to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and giving new life to...

Mar 12, 2017

Our guests are Rebekah Hintzman of Ruff Academy and Brad Wolfert of Care Dog Coalition.

Both Rebekah and Brad tell a unique story and reveal how SCORE has helped them on their journey to success as business owners.

Mar 5, 2017

Our guest is Brad Foley of HR Value Partners, LLC.

Brad shares his story of how he transitioned from corporate America to owning his own business using mentorship from SCORE.