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The Biz Connection

Jan 31, 2016

Sublime Designs Media is a Los Angeles based marketing agency that specializes in creating and implementing branding and marketing strategies. Since opening its doors in 2002, Sublime has grown from a one-woman consulting company led by marketing and branding expert Megan Lynch to an international firm. Clients...

Jan 28, 2016

Kevin tells us how he is making it in the business of shoe repair. Cobbler shops were very common many years ago. Today there are very few left in the state of Wisconsin. Kevin tells us how he has built and sustained this very unique business!

Jan 18, 2016

We talk with Kevin about his journey into business and how he has grown and matured Custom Craft Trophy which also recently includes the expansion to a new location.

Jan 13, 2016

Steve tells how crowdfunding works and how to use it to raise funds for your business.