Our guest is Celeste Cuffie of Life Empowered Consulting Services.

Celeste discusses how going through the downsizing process led her to start Life Empowered Consulting Services. She also shares how the SCORE mentoring program helped give her the tools to start her own business.

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Our guest is SCORE mentor and business plan instructor Frank Sherman for the second installment of a two-part interview.

Frank explains the importance of having a business plan, as well as the principles he teaches at SCORE seminars that entrepreneurs need to cover in preparing their business plan. Frank also discusses the need for financial projections and other topics business owners need to think through to complete a comprehensive ...plan for their business.

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Our guest is SCORE mentor and business plan instructor Frank Sherman.

In the first of a two-part interview, Frank explains why he volunteers to mentor small businesses after retiring from a large business. He also discusses new concepts for writing a business plan.

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The guest is Ryan Kauth, lecturer on entrepreneurship at UW-Green Bay.

Ryan shares insights on the changing aspirations of college students as it pertains to entrepreneurial careers.

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Our guest is Jeff Pederson of Pedal Down Promotions.

Jeff shares how he has transferred his experience as a newspaper editor and journalist into his public relations, promotions and writing services company. He also discusses how the SCORE mentor program helped him gain the tools to launch his business.

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Our guests are Mollie Bartelt and Ann Matuszak, the founders of Pixologie.

These two very persevering entrepreneurs share how they started their business with the help of a SCORE mentor. They now have expanded into four states and written a book titled, "A Simple Guide to Saving Your Family Photos."

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Our guests will focus on the topic of healthcare economics.

The show features author and entrepreneur John Torinus, along with Concordia University Accounting Professor Bart Brock and Dean of the Concordia University School of Business Dan Sem.

John, Bart and Dan discuss how the private sector is working to solve the nation's current healthcare crisis. They also share information on the upcoming Healthcare Economic Summit, which will include John Torinus as a guest speaker.

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Our Best of The Biz Connection show, which originally aired Oct. 29-30, 2016, features Katrina Cravy.

Katrina is a former Milwaukee Fox Channel 6 news reporter. She discusses her new book “On Air - Insider Secrets to Attract the Media and Get Free Publicity.”

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This is a "Best of the Biz Connection" show with Dean of Concordia School of Business Dan Sem and student winners of CU Launch, which originally aired Dec. 3-4, 2016.

Dan, along with the amazing millennials who have developed innovative 21st century entrepreneurial business ideas, will discuss Concordia University's celebrated CU Launch program. This is a “must hear” show.

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Our guests are Margaret Wittkopp and Jeremy Buri of Veritas Investment Services. Margaret and Jeremy will discuss some of the basics of investing and investment strategies to help everyone prosper in 2017.

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